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... and feel the benefits of massage:
reduced stress, improved circulation, mobility, skin tone, and better overall health.

Take Care of You

Massage Therapy Relieves Muscle Tension

Relieve Pain
& Tension

Reduce muscle tension as well as help ease headaches/migraines, neck pain, back pain, and soft tissue injuries.

Massage Therapy Provides Relaxation and Relieves Stress


Massage therapy is proven to reduce stress hormones and let your body achieve true relaxation and aid sleep.

Massage Therapy Boosts Your Immune System


Touch is proven to help stimulate & flush your lymphatic system, which can boost your body’s immunity.

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Enhance Your Self-Care Journey with Sunrise

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Book An

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• Shower and hydrate before
• Arrive 5 minutes early
• You’ll be most comfortable without a full stomach

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Feel better, looser,
more energetic, less stressed —
enjoy a healthier you!
Services include myofascial release,
Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular,
prenatal, geriatric, and more.
Life is hard on your body. We know how to help your body be at its best — with therapeutic massage. Start your wellness journey toward a stronger, healthier you with the trusted team at Sunrise Massage Therapy Services.